Wedding on the beach in Sicily

Wedding on the Beach in Sicily

Valentina and Jonathan have always dreamed of getting married in a special place, surrounded by the people they love most... And so it was: with a beautiful ceremony on the golden beach of Scicli, in Sicily, they promised each other love for their whole lives!

With them, there were their dearest loved ones and lifelong friends... there was the sea and the sound of its waves... there was the yellow sand trampled on by the bare feet of all the guests... And a magnificent light made all the photographs magical as if they were illustrations of a fairy tale.

Scicli is a municipality in Sicily, in the province of Ragusa, a stone's throw from the sea, which became famous as the setting of the television drama "Inspector Montalbano". In particular, the Town Hall of Scicli in the television series was transformed into the police station... and right here, Valentina & Jonathan got married civilly, in the sole presence of the Witnesses, in the morning before each of them went to get ready waiting for the Symbolic Ceremony on the Beach of the Fornace Penna (a monument of Industrial Archaeology).


Wedding on the Beach

The reception of the bride and groom and all the guests at Villa Imbastita and the organization of the entire wedding were managed by the Many Ways Agency of Domodossola. Jonathan got ready right at Villa Imbastita while Valentina was a short distance away at Villa Saracena. Both Villas are part of a tourist complex, Casa Imbastita, immersed in the nature and history of Scicli.

As mentioned, the wedding was celebrated on the beach, where La Gardenia di Scicli set up a beautiful wooden altar surrounded by wicker details and white flowers.